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Blended Brew: Macedonians know how to rock

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Meet Blended Brew one of the biggest attractions this year at Busker fest. Read bellow for more of their story, ambitions and plans.

P: I’m quite amused. How did you guys come up with the name Blended Brew?

– The name is representing the different kind of music we listen to individually in the band.  Some are more into Metallica, some are more into blues and jazz, and some are more into classic rock. So you can say we blended together. (laughter)

P: You mentioned Metallica. Do you have any role-model bands? Any specific time that you refer to? For example the 80s?

– The only thing that we don’t like is the 80s. We like the 70s and 90s. The 80s were more glam kind of rock. Of course we like some music of the 1980s but not too much.

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P: You’ve come from afar to perform in Macedonia? How did that happen?

– We have an American management, they went to London and they met a Danish promoter. And what is weird is that the promoter didn’t know about us even though we come from same country. So that promoter has a friend in Austria, and that guy is a good friend with the owner of the Busker festival .

P: After several gigs here how would you rate Macedonian audience compared to other places you’ve preformed on?

– Yes, people here seem to like rock music a lot! We’re surprised. We didn’t expect it at all. Sometimes when we play, we like to add in some ACDC for example and it comes natural to them to relate, even though we normally do only our own songs.

P: From what I’ve managed to listen to on Youtube all of the songs I’ve found are on English. Was your idea to do exclusively English songs?

– Yes, we never made a Danish song, never made a Macedonian song, never made a Chinese song (laughter).  We want to go international, as well as the fact that all our inspiration comes from the songs that we’ve been listening to.

P: I know you have one album. Do you work on another one?

– We always work on new songs, but we’re not planning anything right now. We are making a lot of demos 3 to 4 songs only.

P: Considering your genre, do you think there is a small disadvantage when you go to perform somewhere in comparison to other genres like pop or rap?

– Yes, but we don’t look at it like that, we believe in our kind of music and that humanity needs live music. Something that different when you attend a show or a concert. The energy coming from a live band can rarely compare, and rock music has always had that.

P: Playing instruments takes practice and time. Do you have any musical education?

– Almost as close to none. We are not educated musicians. We started playing instruments at very young age though, differing mostly from nine to fourteen years of age.

P: And how did all of that collide? How did you become a band?

– It’s a long story. Some of the guys went to school together. Others knew each other from their hometown. Some played in a cover band. We actually had two other guys in the band and one they we had a show. They couldn’t come, so we called in substitutes and ever since we kept going with that composition.  And we keep being best friends ever since!

P: Do you guys play each others instruments?

– We do, just for fun, but we do. All of us can play more than one instrument and some can even sing too.

blendedbrew 2P: Scandinavian countries, especially Finland, are popular for their big rock and metal music orientation. Have that influenced you in any way? Do you think that you can get other people to at least open their views to different genres instead of sticking to what is more native?

– That didn’t influence us at all.  I think it’s possible for us to open other people’s views, but not to force them to change their way with music. People here said they like Rage against the Machine, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam. Our music is similar and they can relate.

P: Mentioning other bands. Do you do any covers?

– Just for fun when we rehearse. Sometimes for example we’d do one ACDC song if we feel like doing it. Generally we perform to present our music.

P: Have you met some of your idols?

– Being in the position that we are in its normal to meet many famous people. You should ask who would we rather meet (laughter). Our wish list goes: Dave Grohl, Metallica especially the drummer, he is Danish, Jimmy Page and AC DC especially  Angus Young.

P: You are staying here for few more days before going back to Denmark. Do you have any agenda, what comes after?

– Yes we have some gigs in Denmark. After that we’re planning on coming back here for Pivofest. Its still being negotiated.  After that we’re going back to America. But this time only  for tour.

P: Any other way for fans to follow you?

– We are all around on social media, facebook, snapchat, twitter etc. We have a site as well

Prepared : Vasil Gjurchevski